Private Peaceful Postpartum Preparation Classes

From my own experience and talking to many new mothers, I have noticed that we tend to put a LOT of thought and effort into preparing for birth, but very little into preparing for postpartum.  Planning and preparation for the early weeks of motherhood, sometimes referred to as “the fourth trimester”, can help to ensure that your postpartum is as peaceful and joyful as possible.

The fourth trimester is a time to let others support you so that you can get on with your most important work:  nurturing, nourishing and falling in love with your baby. 

To help you prepare for your fourth trimester, Acquaint Space offers a private 2.5 hour Peaceful Postpartum Preparation Class which will support you to look beyond the birth and develop strategies to flourish alongside your newborn.

What will I learn from the class?

  • How to embrace the ‘fourth trimester’ as a period of rest and restoration.
  • How to embrace ‘baby brain’ and boost oxytocin to bond with your baby.
  • How to create a mama and baby sanctuary in your home.
  • How to nourish and nurture yourself as well as your baby.
  • How to build your village and ask for help.
  • How to communicate your needs and establish effective boundaries.
  • How to incorporate mindfulness into caring for your newborn.
  • An introduction to baby massage.
  • An introduction to gentle, respectful, attachment parenting.


  • 2.5 hour private peaceful postpartum preparation class
  • Includes an information booklet, worksheets and planning templates, and suggestions for further reading and resources
  • $200

Consulting Hours

  • Wednesdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturday mornings


  • Kalamunda, Western Australia

Are you ready to create a plan for your peaceful postpartum?

I love to discuss all things yoga, mindfulness, self-care and motherhood.  Contact me for a chat and to book your private peaceful postpartum preparation class.